Upward Bound Scholars

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Christian Aburto 

My name is Cristian Aburto, I am a junior at CIHS. I joined this program suggested by one of my teachers to grow in certain areas. I like doing new activities but at the same time, I like relaxing. My favorite color is blue. I am planning to major in finance and become a financial manager.


Sandra Aguilar

My name is Sandra Aguilar school I'm in grade eleventh, I want to study anything in medical majors such as biology, physics and chemistry including a lot of science. College wanting to go study at is Palm Beach Atlantic University, career goal to one day become a Medical Doctor. Facts about me one younger brother, favorite school subject is History, hobbies searching random things and learning something new.


Ivette Alvarez 

My name is Ivette Alvarez and I am a Freshman at CIHS. I joined UBCI to help me learn more about the opportunities on campus as well as after high school. I want to learn more about colleges and what they offer. A career I'd like to explore more in Architecture.



Denisse Ambriz

Hello my name is Denisse and I’m currently a junior at Channel Islands High School. I’m a first generation college student and I aspire to be a psychologist in the future. I applied for UBCI because I’ve heard of all the benefits they offer especially for first generation college students. In my free time I love to bake and spend time outdoors.


Kelly Angel

My name is Kelly Angel and I'm a Sophomore at Channel Islands High School. After I graduate, I would like to stay close to home and go to CSUCI or another nearby university. I am currently interested in the medical and teaching field. I am the oldest in my family and have one younger sibling. My favorite subject is Math. My hobbies are reading manga, watching anime, listening to music, and watching Korean drama movies.


Angel Arellano

Angel Arellano

Hello, my name is Angel Arellano. I am a freshman at CI. I became aware of this program through a summer robotics class/course. I have two younger siblings and a dog. I would like to study something that has to do with marine wildlife.




Victor Arevalo

My name is Victor Jorge Arevalo, and i’m in 10th grade. I joined UBCI because I want to be successful in school and because I want to discover new things. When I was going for my P. E. a member from the UBCI told me that if I wanted to join the program and I said yes. I would like to be a mechanical engineer. My favorite subject is math. I like biking, and help fix cars.

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Dineh Barragan

I am a sophomore at Channel Islands high school. I joined UBCI because my older sister was in it and since it was an opportunity to be able to learn more about college. I hope to attend a university after Highschool and attain a PhD. My favorite subject currently is English, and my favorite color is blue.


Guillermina Briseño

Hi,my name is Guillermina Briseno and I am going into myJunior year. I have two siblings and one pet. I would like to study in the field of medicine, not sure in what position yet but I'm sure it's medicine. My favorite subject is science because it's weird how it works. My dream university is UCLA or SDSU. Career goals I have are long-term but I would like to to start with short term goals, my short term goals are to finish high school and get good grades.


Araceli Bruno

Hello, I am a sophomore at CI. I became aware of this program through my math teacher, suggesting I sign up. One of the reasons I joined this program was for the help of choosing what career to pursue. I am a first-generation college student; meaning, I will come across challenges where I will need assistance from others with experience. I enjoy painting, reading, music, anime, bike rides, and exploring nature. I also love horror related things.

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Eross Castrejon

Hello my name is Eross Castrejon. I am in the ninth grade and I want to work in a field where you can work with computers. I don't have many pets except one cat.



Sheila Cazares

Hi my name is Sheila I am Sophomore at Channel Islands High-school. My favorite thing is to go on walks with my dogs Luna and Ash. I found out about Upward Bound through my sister. I decided to join because I know they can help me with my homework, getting good grades and staying on track with school. My goal is to become an elementary teacher and open up my own business.

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Nareli Chichil

Hi my name is Nareli Chichil and I am a sophomore at Channel Islands. I like to draw and read in my spare time and my favorite subject in school is Social Studies. I learned about Upward Bound from my sister Evelyn and I joined because she said it was a lot of fun. I love that upward bound helps me learn new things and the projects that we do.  I would like to be a veterinarian once I finish school.


Nayeli Chichil - cropped

Nayeli Chichil

Hi my name is Nayeli Chichil and I am a sophomore at Channel Islands. My favorite subject is art and I love to draw. My sister Evelyn told me about Upward Bound and she said that the program helps you learn about college and find out what are the best schools to go. I like how Upward Bound gives us a chance to help people by giving food through food donations. My dream is to be a doctor once I finish school.



Delilah D'Aquilla

Delilah D' Aquilla




Ariel Estrada

Ariel Estrada

Hi my name is Ariel Estrada, and I am a Junior at Channel Islands High School. I found out about UBCI throgh a presenter in my Spanish class. I like how the program offers workshops and helps with school, tutoring, applications and scholarships. I'm on the school Wrestling team, and I love listening to music and hanging out with friends. My favorite subject in school is English and my dream schools are CSU Long Beach and CSU San Diego. I want to major in Criminal Justice and Criminology.


Onestty Estrada

Onestty Estrada

HowdyI I'm Onestty Estrada, a sophomore here at Channel Islands. My freshman year I joined Upward Bound, a program that gets you college ready. Upward Bound has not only taught me about college but leadership skills and good academic habits. I recommend joining so that you could expand your knowledge and meet new friends. See ya!





Amy Gallegos

Hello! My name is Amy Gallegos and I’m an uprising junior at Channel Islands High School. I’m also a first generation college student and decided I would join UBCI because I wanted to learn more about the process of applying to colleges. I like to paint, draw, take walks, and listen to music. I hope to attend a university after high school and go into the medical field.



Alexa Garcia

My name is Alexa Garcia and I am a freshman at Channel Islands. I learned about Upward Bound through my mom, since my friend's mom told her. I joined Upward Bound because I was told that the program would help me get through high school. I like that I can get help with assignments through tutoring.  I like learning about social studies and I like to watch TV.



Jennifer Garibay

Jennifer Garibay

My name is Jennifer Garibay, I'm a junior at Channel Islands. I jpined Upward Bound a few months ago after emailing Miss Arleen saying I was interested. One thing I like about the program is the advice I receive on the career I want to pursue. I love swimming, I'm on the Swim and Water Polo teams at CI. I also like doing a little bit of Duolingo on my free time. My dream job would have to be an elementary school teacher. A dream of mine would also be to travel once I'm older.




Gabriela Gonzalez

My name is Gabriela Gonzalez and I am a Freshman at Channel Islands High School. My plans for high school and the reason why I joined UBCI is to improve my communication skills, graduate high school with grades above average, get involved on campus, and learn about college. My plans after high school are to attend my local community college then transfer, also get my driver's license. Some things I like to do is watch Five Nights at Freddy’s and read books.



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Belinda Gutierrez

Hi my name is Belinda Gutierrez. I'm a sophomore in High school and my favorite subject is Math. My sister told me about Upward Bound and I joined because it was interesting and I heard that they help students with homework, grades. I really like the fun events that they have. I also want to graduate high school and study to become a veterinarian.



Issabella Guzman



Genesis H

Genesis Hernandez


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Karen Hernandez

Hi my name is Karen Hernandez. I'm currently a freshman about to start sophomore year at Channel Islands High School. I'm in the water polo and swim team from CI. I was interested in this program because I heard they had homework tutoring and they helped you if you had plans of going to college. Even though I'm still not sure about my career, something I do want to do is go to college.


Hailey Horario

My name is Hailey and I'm Filipino-American. I wanted to join UBCI after hearing about tutoring sessions available. I want to study nursing in college or maybe business. I love to read and write in my spare time to relax.



Makayla Lezada

Hi! My name is Makayla Lezada and I am a junior at Channel Islands High School. I joined Upward Bound because I will be the first to go to college in my family, and Upward Bound helps me to prepare for college. I am the oldest of three, so that makes me the role model and the example for my little sisters. My favorite subject in school is math. My goals are to go to a 4 year university and hope to major in aerospace engineering.

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Daniela Magana

Hi I'm Daniela Magana and I'm a freshman at CIHS. My hobbies are reading and embroidery and my favorite subject in school is English, I joined Upward Bound because my sister used to work for them and it was really interesting. I'm in my school's CSF and Key Club and my career goal would have to be something in writing.




Ruby Martinez

Hi my name is Ruby Martinez and I'm a freshman at Channel Islands. I like my history class and love to watch Netflix and hang out with my friends. I found out about Upward Bound through my aunt and I love all of the fun activites we do. I don't have a dream job yet but I do want to attend a school in LA after high school.



Derek Mejia

My name is Derek Mejia I am 15 years old. I’m currently a freshman. I don’t know which college I want to be in, but I’ll know soon. And my subject is science because I like watching science videos

Eduardo Mendoza

Eduardo Mendoza

My name is Eduardo Mendoza and I'm in 10th grade. I joined UBCI through my older brother. Something I like to do is listen to music. My favorite subject in school is music/band. An interesting fact about me is that I never learned how to ride a bike.

Melissa Mendoza

Melissa Mendoza

Hi my name is Melissa Mendoza and I'm a junior at CIHS. I love painting because it's relaxing and I love hanging out with friends and family. My favorite classes are the sciences because I think it's really cool how the environment works in chemisty. I joined Upward Bound through a class presentation and I was really interested in being a part of the program. My goal is to become anindependent and hardworking person like a nurse.



 Vanessa Montejano

My name is Vanessa Montejano and I’m a senior at Channel Islands High School. I enjoy playing tennis and hanging out with my friends and family. I first heard about Upward Bound through my sister. She recommended the program since it had helped her a lot when she was in high school. I decided to apply to UBCI because I heard they offer a lot of help like tutoring and scholarship workshops. I aspire to study at Cal Poly SLO, UCLA or UC Irvine to become a civil engineer.


Adrian Montelongo

Hello. My name is Adrian Montelongo and I am a sophomore at Channel Islands High School. I learned about UBCI through my mom. Her and my Tias were involved in it. The teachers are cool and the benefits are great. I like to spend time with my family and listen to music, especially Spanish music. My dream college is UCLA. My goal is to play college football and obtain a Bachelor's Degree to become a chiropractor.


Michelle Moran


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Alondra Mosqueda

I am an 11th grader at CIHS. I wish to attend UCLA after High School and get a PHD in psychology. I joined Upward Bound because this program will be able to help me get closer to my goal as I am a first gen student who doesn't know much about what to do to attend my dream University.


Zaide Pasion

I am a junior at CI. I enjoy watching Korean and Chinese dramas, anime, and playing Valorant in my spare time. I first learned about UBCI through my emails, but only really joined when my friend convinced me. I love the opportunities Upward Bound offers to its students. Specifically, I am thoroughly enjoying the Robotics Class and with a small class, it's easier to get to know the members and teachers.

April Rivera

April Rivera

I am a sophomore at Channel Islands High School and my favorite subject is science. My future goals would be to attend UCLA and graduate with a Biology or Chemistry degreee. I joined Upward Bound because as a first gen student I don't know much about going to college. In the past year that I've been with UBCI, the team has offered great resources like tutoring, workshops and academic advising.


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Cecilia Rodriguez

Hi there! My name is Cecilia Rodriguez, I am a sophomore at Channel Islands High School. I enjoy cooking, going out and collaborating with others. Upward Bound allows students to work with one another, while they discover new information along the way. This program has helped guide me through high school, and build the foundation for my future plans. They offer lots of opportunities, which lets students of all interests succeed! My future plans are to attend UC Berkeley or UC Irvine as a Chemistry major, and one day obtain my PhD in toxicology.



Pablo Salceda

I am a 10th grader at Channel Islands HIgh School. I joined Upward Bound because my older sister was in it and recommended it to me. I hope to work to get enough money to move out of my mom’s house by 18. If I go to college or university I would like to try to become an architect. I like the way every building is built the same, I would like to build a neighborhood myself one day. I think this program can really help me get ready for the future and help me decide what path I would like to take


Perla Sanchez




America Tapia

Hi! I am America Tapia. I am going to be a junior at Channel Islands High School. My favorite subject is world history. I want to follow my dream of playing soccer. I have been playing for eight years. It helps me cope with a lot of stress and it is my escape.


Alan Texis - cropped

Alan Texis

My name is Alan Texis and I am a junior and I go to Channel Islands High School. The main reason I got into Upward Bound was because of my sister pushing me to get in. I stayed because of the moments I've had with the people in the program and of the many opportunities I was given. I learned how to talk and meet with new people and I would probably never have had these chances if I didn't join. My main goal in life is to find something that I want to do after high school and attend college or university.


Belem Texis

Belem Texis

Hi my name is Belem Texis and I am a sophomore at Channel Islands High School. I joined UBCI because of the other family members that are in the program. What I really like about the program is that they offer a lot of opportunites to learn useful stuff for the future to prepare yourself. They help you to prepare for college and in the future I would love to attend a 4 year university so I could become a teacher.

Ivan Texis

Ivan Texis

Hi my name is Ivan Texis. My cousin Joselyn first asked me to join Upward Bound. What I really like about UBCI is the amount of tutoring they give and the many workshops that they have. They're kind of fun. I'm a part of the Channel Islands High School Track team and I love to run. In the future I would want to be a child caretaker and even a professional chef.



Christian Troncoso

My name is Christian Troncoso and I am a Sophomore at CIHS. I joined UBCI through a friend of mine. She mentioned the program and I thought it would be beneficial for me so I signed up. My favorite subject is chemistry, I love everything to do with the periodic table. After high school, I plan on attending a 4-year college. As of now, UCSB is my college of choice. At UCSB I plan on studying chemical engineering and becoming a chemical engineer. An interesting fact people don’t know when they meet me is that I do archery.


Ebony Valdez


Emanuel Valdivieso

Hi, my name is Emanuel Valdivieso and I’m in 9th grade. In the future I would like to assist to a University in Spain. I’m still not sure which one but Im on that. One of my favorite subjects in school is math.


Isaac Vazquez

Hello my name is Isaac Vazquez and I am a Senior at Channel Islands High School. I first heard of UBCI from my English teacher and from a presenter from MESA club and I decided to join so that I can get a better understanding of applying to college and to improve myself. After high school, I intend to apply for college to study Computer Science/Engineering and a Forensics subject to apply it in Detective and Case-Solving work or maybe pursue a more software career. I don't know, I like a lot of things. I like to play electric guitar and video games, my favorite color is red, and my favorite subject is Math.

Nethzary Villa

Nethzary Villa

Hi I'm Nethzary Villa , a freshman in Channel Islands high school . Something I want to study is forensic photography. I really enjoy doing photography as a hobby . A subject I really enjoy studying is science .