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Upward Bound Channel Islands is a TRiO pre-college academic program designed to help students from Channel Islands High School with academic coursework, study skills enhancement and motivation necessary to complete high school and pursue higher education. Students are provided with tutoring and mentoring, advising, social and cultural enrichment, career and college counseling, and financial aid awareness.

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Are you a Dreamer?

CIDream is a high school DREAMer’s pathway to college. The pre-college program is free and open to students who do not qualify for TRiO Upward Bound from the Ventura County area. The program provides resources, tools, and support for students who are fully committed to postsecondary education.

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What is LULAC Youth?

By joining LULAC Youth, you become part of a national organization led by students. It empowers young people to use their experiences and talents to succeed in school. Also, it creates new opportunities for growth and change by learning to become a leader, how to communicate better, and it opens new doors with other students and professional by getting involved in the community.

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Ginger Bread Chronicles 

To celebrate the holiday season, Upward Bound and CIDREAM built onto last year’s holiday event and revisited the Gingerbread Chronicles. Students learned the history of gingerbread, gingerbread houses, and the engineering process of building one. They took part in a presentation to refresh their minds on the history of the gingerbread houses and went over a component dedicated to S.T.E.A.M. They demonstrated their understanding by designing and creating a gingerbread house, as well as partaking in a Kahoot game to test their knowledge. Covering this historical, literary, and educational approach enhanced their critical thinking and recognition of the importance of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math even in a holiday tradition.

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