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Upward Bound Channel is a pre-college academic program designed to help students from Channel Islands High School with academic coursework, study skills enhancement and motivation necessary to complete high school and pursue higher education. Students are provided with tutoring and mentoring, advising, social and cultural enrichment, career and college counseling, and financial aid awareness.

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Are you a Dreamer?

CIDream is a high school DREAMer’s pathway to college. The pre-college program is free and open to students from the Ventura County area. The program and provides resources, tools, and support for students who are fully committed to postsecondary education.

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Interested in STEM?

The CI STEM program is entirely devoted to recognizing and developing underrepresented students' potential to excel in the disciplines of science,   technology, engineering and/or math. The program is geared towards providing students with hands-on, inquiry-based  experiences to encourage STEM  exploration. Small groups of students come together after school for enhanced academic support in STEM.

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What is LULAC Youth?


By joining LULAC Youth, you become part of a national organization led by students. It empowers young people to use their experiences and talents to succeed in school. Also, it creates new opportunities for growth and change by learning to become a leader, how to communicate better, and it opens new doors with other students and professional by getting involved in the community.

Upcoming June Events

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It's a Virtual Celebration!

Great to get together in our "Virtual Celebration" meeting with outstanding high school students in our our Upward Bound, CIDream, and Project Islas Program. What's most exciting is to hear them say how much they miss each other (and us). Maybe, the bright side to this otherwise difficult time is how we appreciate their strength, resilience and the camararderie that they have together.   #LNESC #UBCI #CIDream #LNESCOxnard #CIHS 

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Let's Grow with Google

The first of our Grow with Google (GwG) Applied Digital Skills Series. Students and parents are learning how to create email accounts, send emails, add contacts, pictures and more. They were most amazed about BCC and what it meant and how to add a signature line. Having fun watching them maneuver the internet.

Next workshop is this Saturday, Feb 15th at CI. Hope to see you there. #GrowWithGoogle#LULACPrograms#LULAC #LNESC #UBCI #CIDream #LNESCOxnard #CIHS

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Upward Bound and CIDream students visit USC and the California Science Center

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It was a memorable field trip at the top of the 2020 Spring school semester. Upward Bound and CIDream students had the opportunity to tour USC and visit the California Science Center. The campus was beautiful and historic with classic architecture. The weather was amazing. Then, we hoped over to the Science Center. OH MY DOG! Who knew dogs were so intelligent.  The exhibit was a simple celebration of dogs abilities and their keen sense to see, hear, smell, act, move and LOVE for human creatures. The Superpower Dogs 3d IMAX Documentary was just as remarkable. It showcased their extraordinary “superpowers”.

LULAC Youth visit San Jose State University

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LULAC Youth had the opportunity to visit San Jose State University. Our next stop was The Tech Interactive. It is a globally renowned STEM wonder. The students build robots - Geremiah, Chad, Beetle, and The Cleaner 1000. In groups, students had a chance to use their own imagination and too critically think about the world we're moving into with AI (artificial intelligence) friends at their command. Who wants to waste time with TV when you can now have a robot buddy! There were so many exhibits and hands-on experiences including the earthquake simulator, the BioDesign Studio, BodyWorks and more.  We ended our visit viewing a Volcano video through iMax technology. We could almost feel the lava's heat through its brilliant colors and state of the art technology. The story of volcanos through one of the largest IMAX dome screens in the West was a powerful and most immersive movie experience we've ever had.

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