Why join a District 17 LULAC Youth Council?

Here are just a few exciting experiences and opportunities that LULAC Youth enjoy:

  • Learn to be better social justice activists, public speakers, leaders in your communities and role models.
  • The opportunity to travel to the LULAC Youth National Convention, Saturday and Sumer Field Trips, the Washington Youth Leadership Seminar and to other cities in California.
  • Access to the LULAC National and LNESC Scholarships and many more
  • Join over 1,000 LULAC friends in councils across the nation and Puerto Rico
  • Boosts your college applications and resumes

But most important, LULAC is family

Who can join?

Anyone between the ages of 13-19 and you live in Ventura County can join a Youth Council.

How do I join?

  1. Talk to Dr. Cruz so she can sponsor and guide your Youth Council. She can be reached at Channel Islands High School, Room 45A or at or at 818-631-4557.
  2. Get a group of friends to help start a council
  3. Complete the forms below. Dr. Cruz will help you.
  4. Start getting involved in all the LULAC Youth activities.

Does it costs money?

Yes, but Dr. Cruz has sponsorship donations if you are seriously interested in becoming involved in your community.

Application Instructions

2019 Youth Charter Application Instructions

We have all seen the growing Latino population and the impact we are going to have in the future. That impact will not be felt unless we are organized and working together as one. That after all is what LULAC is all about and that is what our founding fathers foresaw when they first gathered in Corpus Christi, TX in 1929.

Other Related Documents & Resources

 Council Handbook



 LULAC Constitution



When do they meet?

LULAC Youth District Meetings are held on the first Saturday of the month, unless otherwise noted. The meetings are from 9:00a – 1:30p at Clinicas Del Camino Real, 200 Wells Road, Ventura, CA. 93004. Lunch is provided. 

Council meetings should be held at least twice a month at your local high school with the assistance of your Youth Advisor. 

Visit the LULAC National Website