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Below are several links to lists of scholarships that are available. These are a few of them. There are hundreds of them out there. For more information, click on their link. But, don't WAIT until they are due to complete them. Many of these scholarships may take several weeks to collect the required information and documents. Make sure to come by the UBCI Office for help. Room 45A.







Name: Eligibility Award Deadline:
Rhosa Scholarship- UC Irvine Female of Latino heritage (or demonstrate dedication to community service to the Latina/o community TBA 5/1/20
  California Resident AND Senior/Transfer student planning to attend a 4-year College or University + 2.75 GPA    
  Transcript, short answers, and reference.    
  You do not need to attend UC Irvine to apply to scholarship    
Ellen Brokaw House Farm Workers Scholarship Seniors attending a 2yr or 4yr AND College Students $3,000 5/1/20
  Reside in Ventura County + One parent must be a farm worker    
  GPA: 2.3 (HS) / 2.5 (College)    
  Transcript + 1 Letter of Rec + Personal Statement + Personal Info Sheet + College Acceptance Letter to college attending    
  Student must accept award at "From Field to Fork" fundraising dinner on July 16 (Tierra Rejada Ranch in Moorpark)    
Pine Cone Foundation Scholarship Senior + Show Documented Learning Disability $250 (for 3 years) 5/1/20
  Attending a Community College + Proof of Financial Need (BOG ) $2,000 when transfer  
  US Citizen AND CA Resident + GPA: 2.5    
  PCF Application w/ 200 word essay + Transcript + 1 letter of rec signed and sealed + BOGW approval email + Learning disability doc    
National Latino Peace Officers’ Association (NLPOA) Seniors AND College students residing in Ventura County. 1,000 5/3/20
  GPA of 2.75 + NO D or F in all completed course work    
  Applicants must demonstrate community service and/or involvement.    
  Application +Sealed Transcript + 1 Letter of Rec (teacher/counselor) + 1 Letter of Rec (Org or Community Leader)    
Becca's Closet: Spirit of Community Senior who has demonstrated: Financial Need + Community service $5,000 5/8/20
  US Citizen or DACA Eligible / 2.0 GPA on 4.0 scale / Attending a 2-year or 4-year    
  Official HS Transcript + All SAR reports froom FAFSA + Documentation of Community Service Hours + 2 Letters of Rec    
  Essay- how you addressed the need in your community    
  Application online AND must mail it to address on website    
"The Links Incorporated" Scholastic Achievement Award Senior from Santa Barbara or Ventura County TBA 5/9/20
  Provide evidence of Leadership Potential (through participation in school, community, church or work activities)    
  Be college bound    
  An official transcript of high school grades with authorized signature(s)    
  Two letters of recommendation (authors of letters need title & signature)    
Emma Nylen Scholarship Seniors, College Students, Grad Students must be Ventura County Residents (or were at one point) $100 - $1,000 5/22/20
  GPA: 2.0 or higher    
  Unofficial Transcript + Personal Essay Statement (1pg - must answer all questions)    
  1 Letter of Rec: professional, academic, or community volunteer    
  What are your career goals? How do your personal values relate to your career goals? What are your motivations for continuing your education?    
  Email complete packet to, Mail it OR Upload It.    
Rodney Fernandez Leadership Fund Seniors, College Students, Grad Students must be Ventura County Residents unknown 6/1/20
  Household income less than 80% of Area Median Income (AMI) in Ventura County.    
  Fill out Packet with all instructions online    
Los Hermanos de Stanford Seniors AND College Students attending a 2-yr/4-yr OR planning to attend in Fall 2020 $500 - $1,000 Fall 2020
  Must be of Latinx descent (open to applicants of any gender and documented or undocumented status).    
  Must demonstrate commitment to academic excellence, community service, and cultural awareness.    
  Must demonstrate financial need.    
  Applicants do not have to apply to or gain admission to Stanford to be eligible.    


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Non-LNESC Affiliated  Scholarships

Where you can find more Latino scholarships

You can find even more scholarships for Latinos specific to the school you plan to attend or are attending, and the location where you live or went to high school, as well as programs for student of color groups as a whole. is a great place to search for more Latino scholarships like these, as are Fastweb and Niche.