CIDream Scholars

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Daniel Alameda

I am in senior at Rio Mesa High school. I am a humorous and kind athletic scholar. I like to play basketball, run, and eat a lot of candy. I would like to attend Ohio State but I am undecided in what career I would like to pursue.

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Dineh Barragan


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Jennifer Ceja


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Brandon Escorcia


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Gabriela Garnica

I go to Rio Mesa High School and I’m a Senior. My hobbies are going shopping with my friends and also helping my community. The college I want to go is CLU because it’s close to my house and I can drive home whenever I want to came back. When I’m older I want to be a Spanish teacher. I want to be a Spanish teacher because I want to teach kids a new language and a different culture.

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Jacqueline Guillen

I am a senior at Rio Mesa High School. My family is a little bit crazy but has a whole lot of love. My personality is who I am, my attitude depends on who you are. I am sensitive, creative, idealistic, hardworking and loyal. I'm walking my path an I will always walk in the direction my heart tell me to go, even if I must walk alone. I aspire not to have more, but to be more. I'd hope to major in psychology; the study of the human mind and its functions, I want to go to the University of California, San Diego.


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Estrella Hernandez

I am a 12th grade student at Rio Mesa High School. I have 3 sisters and one brother. I am hardworking and athletic. I am the type of person who puts others before themselves and I love to help people. When I am older I aspire to make a difference in the world, through my career and outside of it. I plan to become an F.B.I agent or a police officer. Criminal justice has always caught my attention. On my free time I like to play the ukulele, or cruise around in my penny board. Another one of my hobbies is taking pictures, I really like to embrace the beauty in all things.


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April Knutson

I am a senior at Rio Mesa High School. I am a motivated scholar who is willing to do anything to help others. I run, read, and binge watch on my free time. I would like to become a dentist and attend Washington State University or UCLA.


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Marcus Lagman


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Jocelyn Martinez

I am currently a senior at Rio Mesa High School. Some activities that I enjoy are being a part of Girl’s Cross Country and Track and Field. I am an extrovert and sociable person. Some of my personal hobbies are dancing, playing instruments and singing with my dad. An ambition that I would like to achieve in the future is to attend a university such as Cal Lutheran or the University of Southern California, and would like to focus on biology and Biochemistry. The career that I would like to undertake is to work in a lab and be a part of a research team for new cures. A dream that motivates me throughout hard obstacles is to become the first Latina to find cure the for cancer.

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Juan Martinez

I'm a junior at Channel Islands High School. My favorite subject is Math because I love to multiply and solving problems. I chose to join CI Dream because they help us get into a university. They help you reach your dream. If it wasn’t for the program, I wouldn’t be here today.

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Anthony Mercardo

I am a senior at Rio Mesa High School. I enjoy playing basketball and baseball. My favorite subject is Math. In my free time, I like to read and listen to music. My dream college is UCSB, followed by UCLA. I joined CIDream because I wanted to explore the different opportunities I would have for my near and far future. I aspire to go to a 4-year university to become a computer engineer at some point. I also aspire to be the best role model possible for my little brother.

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Melissa Mendoza



Erick Munoz

I am an 11th grader at Channel Islands High School. I was born in Tlaxcala, Mexico and I came here at the age of 3. I used to live with my uncle and family when I first got here, but later on my parents split up and went their separate ways. Both sides of my family were always moving until they finally found houses and settled down. I went to Mar Vista for grade school, Ocean View for middle school, and Channel Islands for high school where I now play football. My overall goal is to have a good paying job to support my family financially so they won’t have to worry about money ever again. My dream job is to become a real estate agent because they pay well and I’ve always liked to sell. My backup plan is to become a social worker because they pay well and I’ve always wanted to help people.

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Barbara Perez

I am a senior at Rio Mesa High School. I am very involved in my community and participate in many events. I am a LULAC Youth member, and I am very thankful because LULAC has gave me insight of the world. LULAC exposes me to many opportunities that can help me later on in college, I am able to interact with many people who could guide and support me. Career wise I am interested in joining the C.I.A as a linguistic or nurse practitioner.

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America Tapia


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Belem Texis


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Sarahy Torres

I am a senior at Rio Mesa High School. Currently I am taking IB classes at Rio Mesa to graduate with an IB diploma. With an IB diploma I will be able to apply to not just universities in the country but outside as well as and it can also replace some of the courses I have to take my first year in college. Another reason, I’m in IB classes is to challenge myself; if I could do all these hard classes while also participating in extracurricular activities, than anything is possible in life. Some of the extra curricular activities I participate in are cross-country and track & field. My interests include: swimming, reading, eating and sleeping. After high school, I would like to attend an IVY league school; my top choices are Stanford and Princeton. I would like to study business because my dream career has been to be a CEO. I’m also a LULAC youth member who is active in her community.